Words of Art 2009 art show - April 5 – 30, 2009


acrylic on panel
by Carrie Crane

Seeing is Believing

collage by Lora Brueck

Feeding the Hens
oil on canvas, by Chris Greene
(Inspired by Wendell Berry’s
“A Continuous Harmony –
Essays Cultural and Agricultural”)

Christ as Icthuologist
water, ink, postage stamp fragments,
by John LaPrade
(Inspired by Matthew 4:19: "Follow me
and I will make you fishers of men.")

Spies for Apollo
monotype, by Jacqueline Ross
(Inspired by mythology)

Route 1
ROUTE 1, Maine
photograph by Nicholas Yavarow

Spies for Apollo
to e.e.cummings
by Susan Swinand

Route 1
hand-colored relief engraving
by Abigail Rorer

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Vermeer & Lichtenstein, 2000-2001,
oil on canvas, by Terri Priest

Art Inspired by the Written Word

Goddard House invites you to explore the relationship between the written word and art in its seventh annual spring art show, which runs from April 5 through April 30. The works of over three dozen established and emerging local artists interpret the theme in a variety of media, including painting, photography, engraving, monoprinting, mixed media, textile, collage, and stone. The exhibit is free and open to the public daily from 1 to 4 p.m.

The connection between art and words is one of the oldest in the world. The dynamic between these two forms of expression has been crucial to understanding societies and cultures for centuries. Thoughtful, and sometimes deeply personal, Words of Art engages the viewer in contemplating how words influence our understanding of the visual and how art presents new dimension and feeling to written words. In this unique context, Words of Art examines the diversity of the human condition and observes our infinitely interesting cultural landscape.

The artists: Frank Armstrong, Lisa Barthelson, Emily Boosahda, Lora Brueck, Laura Cahalane, Bettie Carlson, Carrie Crane, Linda Dagnello, Zabelle D’Amico, Linda Davis, Mary Dewey, Stephen Dirado, Chris Greene, Emily Harvey, Carolyn Howe, Tom Kellner, John LaPrade, Mary-Ellen Latino, Rosemary Lebeau, Julia McKinley, Joy O’Connor, Doris O’Keefe, Marilyn Pinaud, Terri Priest, Joyce Roberts, Abigail Rorer, Ron Rosenstock, Jacqueline Ross, Allison Blake Schofield, Donalyn Schofield, Susan Sedgwick, Susan Swinand, Jill Watts, Henry Wood, Agnes Wyant, Nicholas Yavarow.

A special Art Boutique and Raffle will be held throughout the show.  A portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting Words of Art and Goddard House’s efforts to bring great local art to Webster Square.

Event Photo Gallery

Champagne and Chocolate Opening
Sunday, April 5
The promise of chocolate, champagne, and great art brought over 150 artists and art lovers Goddard House for the grand opening of Words of Art.  It was a joyful reunion of long-time Worcester artists and an introduction to some new faces on the local scene.  Chet and Steve of Chromatic Swing enhanced the party mood with their irresistible jazzy tunes while guests viewed the wide-ranging works – and words – of art.  
Here are some scenes from the event:

Artist Chris Greene and friendsArtist John LaPrade and Poet Laureate Gertrude Halstead
Artists Doris O'Keefe and Zabelle D'AmicoArtist Laura Cahalane and guests
Artist Donalyn Schofield and guestArtists Lisa Barthelson and friends
Artists Rose LeBeau and Tom Kellner Artists Susan Swinand and Henry WoodArtists Tom Kellner and Terri Priest
Artist Julia McKinley and friendsWoody and Julieane

Poetry Reading
Thursday, April 16

Perfectly exhibiting the symbiotic relationship between art and words, members of the Worcester County Poetry Association read poems inspired by the works in Words of Art.

Poetry ReadingPoetry Reading
Poetry ReadingPoetry Reading

Working at Art
Sunday, April 26

Throughout the afternoon, three of the Words of Art artists worked at their art and explained their creative process to fascinated visitors and Goddard House residents.  They demonstrated the following techniques:  egg tempera – Carrie Crane, oil painting – Emily Boosahda, and mixed media sculpture – Jill Watts.

Carrie CraneCarrie Crane
Jill WattsEmily Boosahda
Emily Boosahda

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