2010 Art Show - In and Out of the Box April 11 – May 9

Carnival Games

photograph by Julia McKinley

The Ins and Outs

Cast plaster sculpture by Stacey Parker

Walk Towards the Forest and Be Yourself

mixed media by Lindsay Howland

digital print by Ryan Foley

Angelic Airlift
mixed media by John Buron

Tending the Garden
acrylic and mixed media on
foam by Susan Swinand

Digital Photograph
by Cheryl Wareck

Cattle Boxes
photograph by Susan Sedgwick

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Sackler Science Center
Sackler Science Center, photograph by Cade Overton

Goddard House invites you to explore its eighth annual juried art show, In and Out of the Box, from April 11 through May 9. The exhibit is free and open to the public daily from 1 to 4 p.m.

In and Out of the Box explores both physical and metaphorical concepts of boxes through the wide-ranging works of 53 local artists in a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, mixed media, textile, paper, collage, and sculpture. The exhibition invites the viewer to think beyond the obvious and consider the infinite ways that boxes appear, both literally and symbolically, in our lives. From skyscrapers to scallop shells, batter’s boxes to calf pens, the tried and true to the wildly unexpected, In and Out of the Box turns conventional ideas of boxes inside out.

MCCThis program is supported in part by a grant from the Worcester Cultural Commission, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

The exhibiting artists include: Lisa Barthelson, Emily Boosahda, Emmeline Brown, Lora Brueck, John Buron, Laura Cahalane, Bettie Carlson, Rose Carlson, Doris Carter, Justin Clapp, Carrie Crane, Zabelle D’Amico, Donna Desautels, Mary Dewey, Susan Fisher, Ryan Foley, Muriel Funka, Jane Grover, Stephen Halpert, Tasha Halpert, Oliver Herring, Lindsay Howland, Elisabeth Hyder, Maren Jensen, Tom Kellner, Peter Krashes, Marcia Lagerwey, John LaPrade, Mary-Ellen Latino, Rosemary LeBeau, Susan Matusen, Julia McKinley, Beckie Moses, Cassie Murphy, Doris O’Keefe, Cade Overton, Stacey Parker, Don Ricklin, Leona Ricklin, Ron Rosenstock, Jacqueline Ross, Connie Salter, Donalyn Schofield, Susan Sedgwick, Amaryllis Siniossoglou, Marcella Stasa, Susan Swinand, Dick Taylor, Mary Walter, Julie Warchol, Cheryl Wareck, Christopher Whitehead, Agnes Wyant, Nicholas Yavarow, Mary Zywar.

An art boutique and raffle will be held throughout the show. Proceeds will help support Goddard House’s efforts to bring art to Worcester’s Webster Square neighborhood.

Event Photo Gallery

Champagne and Chocolate Opening
Sunday, April 11

Over 200 people attended the opening reception for In and Out of the Box, enjoying an afternoon of chocolate, champagne, and great art.  Chet Williamson’s jazz duo enhanced the party mood with their irresistible tunes, while guests viewed wide-ranging works interpreting the theme of boxes. It was the largest opening turnout yet – for our most ambitious art exhibit to date.  

Here are some scenes from the event:

Art ShowArt Show

Art Show

Art ShowArt Show

Art Show

Art ShowArt ShowArt Show

Artist TalkArtist Talk
Sunday, April 25

Standing before examples of his infrared photography, Worcester photography legend Ron Rosenstock gave a fascinating talk about his life, work, and career as a photographer, teacher, and leader of international photo tours.

Poetry Reading
Tuesday, May 4

Poetry ReadingThe Worcester County Poetry Association returned to the Goddard House Art Gallery to read poems inspired by "In and Out of the Box.” As always, it was a pleasure to hear the words of some of Worcester’s most gifted poets – in their own voices.

Poetry ReadingPoetry Reading

Coffee House: Chuck & Mud (and friends)
Friday, May 7

Chuck and Mud

Chuck and Mud Chuck and Mud

With knee-slapping folk tunes, moving ballads and favorite 60's protest songs, Chuck and Mud, accompanied by Walter Crockett and Mark Manuel, entertained an appreciative crowd of fans at the Goddard Coffee House. Highlights included the popular sing-a-longs, “If I Had a Hammer,” “Where Have all the Flowers Gone,” and “Puff the Magic Dragon,” as well as a nostalgic throw-back to Zonkaraz days, with Walter Crockett’s iconic tune, “Gone Fishin.’”

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